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Photo Contest Submissions


1. Click "Upload a File" and select one photo.

2. Click "Add to Cart."

3. Repeat as needed.

4. Click "Shopping Cart," located above the Nature Store banner, to proceed with payment. You will be redirected to Paypal, where you can choose to login to Paypal and pay with Paypal or pay with a card of your choice.

Naming Instructions:

1. First two alpha characters: first initial of the applicant’s first and last name.

2. Second two numeric characters: last two numeric characters of the applicant’s primary phone number.

3. Next is either an ”R” or “P” representing that the photo is either in the Refuge or People category.

4. Last two numeric characters: image number beginning with 01 and ending with 20 (maximum).

Example: John Doe’s phone number is 555-111-1234 and he submitted three refuge images, his photos would be titled “JD34R01,” “JD34R02” and “JD34R03."

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