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A Pocket Naturalist Guide New Mexico Birds

A foldout guide to the birds of New Mexico.

A Pocket Naturalist Guide Sandhill Crane Display Dictionary

A foldout guide to what the cranes say with their body language.

Adventure Quick Guides - Birds of the Southwest

Simple and convenient - narrow your choices by color, and view just a few birds at a time.

Birds of New Mexico Field Guide

By Stan Takiela. With this book, bird identification is easier, more informative and productive.

Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge Bird Checklist

This list contains 397 species that have been observed on the refuge since 1940. Species are listed in accordance with the 7th edition (1998) AOU Checklist of North American Birds and the 55th Supplement of AOU Checklist (July 2017).

Private Lives of Sandhill Cranes

Cranes with their complex, human-like social behaviors have long pulled on our hearth strings. Because of this emotional connection, many cultures throughout history have given these tall, beautiful birds human attributes. Though cranes are part of our own culture, most of us do not know a lot about them. Keanna Leonard and Caryle McHarney make it their mission in Private Lives of Sandhill Cranes to introduce you to these captivating birds.